‘Due punti architettura’ is an indipendent

and experimental project,

driven by young architects under 35

coming from of all over the world.


It offers urbanistic and architectural solutions

to the small villages .


People are invited to express their opinions,

their critics, their suggestions

and their wishes

about the reality where they live.


The Young Architects and designers are invited

to spend time in that reality,

to make a point of people’s opinion

and to join a on site workshop

in order to develop planning ideas

for the respective villages.


The first edition of this initiative

takes place in the wonderful Costa d’Amalfi

in the south of Italy.


We aim at joining two points of view

in the architectural design process:

People’s opinion and architects' ideas…


… wishing that Architectural design could really be a contemporary interpretation of a 'Real Context’...


... that is the 'Genius Loci !

#duepuntiarchitettura #vietrisulmare

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